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7th - 12th Grades and Alternative High School

Welcome to Lisbon Middle School and High School.

Our middle school and high school serve approximately 275 students under one building. At Lisbon Middle School and High School, we pride ourselves on caring about all students and helping them achieve their personal goals as they prepare for their future.

We are proud that we provide a full selection of general education and college preparatory course opportunities for all students here on our campus. We are able to offer advanced classes on-site but also off-site at Kirkwood Community College. We consistently score above the state average on the Iowa Assessments and also the American College Test (ACT).

We are very proud of our facilities at Lisbon but we are excited that we are currently in the middle of a large construction project that greatly impacts the learning environments for our students. In 2018, the Lisbon community passed a $9.2 million dollar bond that included renovated grades 7-12 classrooms, a new auditorium, a new track, and new entrances to our building. These improvements show the great community support they have for our students and staff at Lisbon CSD.

Many of our students have been selected and recognized for outstanding performance in the classrooms, performing arts, and athletics. We have wonderful teachers and coaches that care about students. They create learning opportunities in all areas that challenge students thinking while preparing them for post-secondary success in the future.

If you are interested in Lisbon Middle School and High School and would like to take a tour of our school, please contact us in the office at 319-455-2106.

It is truly and honor and privilege to serve as your principal.

Yours in education,

Aaron Becker