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The student is assign a device and a charger for that device.  The student is responsible for the handling, transporting and the condition of the device.

* Keep your device clean.  Wipe down your device with approved electronic wipes that carry very little moister.  You DO NOT want to allow droplets to get into any little cracks to do internal damage.  Electronic wipes can be found at the Tech Department and a few classrooms.

* DO NOT use glass cleaner on screens.  An approved electronic wipe works OR a soft towel with water, wringing all water out so it's slightly damp can be used.  Avoid running it along the edges of screen or keys so droplet do not get into the device.

* Hold device properly, iPad should be close to you or if you have a laptop, carried in the bag and it is zipped.  Do not hold by the screen or push the screen back too far.

* Do not walk around while using it.  If the device is knocked out of your hands by another student or it slips out of your hand and damage is done, YOU are responsible for the repairs per AUP.

* Do not allow anyone else to use your device.  Each student has their own.  If another student uses your device and they cause issues or break it, YOU are responsible. The Tech Department does not get involved with settling disputes of this sort.  The families may work it out together or have help from Administration.

*Your iPad or Laptop should be charge before you come to school each day.

* Any issues must be reported right away.

* Absolutely NO stickers on the devices.  If noticed, you will be asked to take them off at that time.

* Background screens MUST be school appropriate.  NO violence, weapons, or inappropriate language.

* You need to shut your device down daily and turn it on at school.  Traveling back and forth between networks can cause your device not to work properly.

* Restarting your device is important.  The Tech Director sends fixes to your device behind the scenes to fix issues sent out by Apple.  These fixes do not get installed until you perform a restart at school.  If you have issues with your device stop working, this is the first thing the Tech Department will have you do.

* Any bullying or harassment performed using a school device may cause the device to be taken away and notifying administration and parents.