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Students or entire classes are rewarded for doing the “right thing” with tickets of different colors depending on the area or situation.  At Lisbon we focus on teaching students to be respectful, responsible, safe and caring throughout the school.  Expectations are taught to students and reviewed throughout the school year.

RED TICKETS:  Red tickets are given to entire classes that display Lion Basics.  Lion Basics are eyes forward, hands and feet to yourself, voices off and listening for instructions from the teacher.  These are highly coveted and when a class earns a certain number, they get to choose a whole class reward such as movie day or pajama party.

GREEN TICKETS:  Green tickets are handed out in classrooms to individuals for displaying respectful, responsible, safe and caring behaviors.  A few examples of green ticket behaviors would be working quietly, raising your hand if you have a question, helping another student or listening to directions and instructions.  Each teacher has different rewards for green tickets such as eating lunch with teacher, working from the teacher’s desk, drawing from the prize bucket or special free time.

YELLOW TICKETS:  Yellow tickets are given to students for behaviors in common areas (cafeteria, office, hallway, bus, assemblies, bathrooms) and special classrooms.  Examples would be standing in line quietly, using the right voice level at lunchtime or being safe on the bus by sitting in your seat.  These tickets are used to buy items from the PBIS store.

BLUE TICKETS:  Blue tickets are handed out for respectful and safe behavior during recess such as going down the slide feet first, walking as they line up and including everyone in play. These tickets are used to buy items from the PBIS store.

PURPLE TICKETS: All substitutes should be given 5 special purple tickets. These tickets are to be handed out to students demonstrating exemplary behavior in one of the following areas: RESPECT, RESPONSIBLE, SAFE, and CARING.  Students may take the purple tickets home if they want to show their parents but to receive the 5 yellow tickets for it they must return it to the school to their classroom teacher!

Throughout the school year colored tickets may be used for competitions and setting goals for school-wide celebrations.